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Lead Photographer

Hi, my name is Andre Thomas

I became a photographer in my earlier years of high school. I began buying many disposable cameras and bringing them to school to photograph my classmates. The best part then is the best part now: the reveal. I would go to Walgreen’s to get the pictures developed in doubles so that I could hand out the pictures and keep the other for my photo album. And I must say that anticipation and the look on their faces is what made me really love taking pictures of people. I still have those pictures to this day! This hobby stayed with me through my college years.

After college, I discovered that my pastor back home was a wedding photographer. He took my under his wing and groomed me into the wedding photographer I am today.

Covenant LX was born…

I started off photographing weddings under a different brand I then thought to myself “Brides deserve better.” You all need a photographer that is dedicated to the craft of photographing weddings.So I began thinking shape the business that you’re seeing now with a name that truly captures the value we hold so true…Covenant.